Core Selling Point
Date: 2018-10-27

One: Double middle ring fan net, safe pressure resistance does not deform

  Double middle ring net cover, the impact resistance is 2 times of the single middle ring, the wire diameter is thicker than the general brand, and the finger can't touch the fan blade through the net cover, which is safe and secure.

Two:Light touch adjustment

  As long as the "one hand" can be adjusted, it can be adjusted with a single touch, and each adjustment will be automatically fixed. The fan will not sag and use little effort.

Three:True "core" to meditate

  High-purity copper coil, durable and high quality, high strength reliability and stability, durable for ten years without aging, long service life, low noise, self-contained thermal fuse, intelligent safety protection, environmentally friendly materials, clean taste treatment, no odor health and safety

Four:Focus on user experience

  Different use positions in different use occasions, the mute file can be used in small air volume environments such as bedrooms, and the enhanced wind gear position can be used in situations where high wind volume is required. Using a 120-minute timer increases the user's range of time controls.

Fives:All use of "Midea" supplier system accessories, adopting "Midea" production process and management mode

  The quality of the accessories can be guaranteed and the strict production process and quality control procedures can ensure good product quality. Good accessories are the basis of quality. With the rigorous production process, the quality of the products can be guaranteed from the upstream to the whole process. Use the rest assured.

Six:The product is in full compliance with the national standard

  The national standard means that the quality is good and the cost is increased. It is in line with the national standard and is both a commitment to the customer and a requirement for itself. At present, the products that meet the national standard on the market are rare, and there are great quality hazards. Our products require all accessories to meet the national standards from the supplier system to ensure the reliability of product quality.

Seven:Good but not expensive, do cost-effective products

  The configuration of all products is higher than the industry standard, we are not the cheapest, but we are the most cost-effective, good and not expensive is the concept of our products.

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